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The Company
Founded May 2000 by public, TEKTIX - Consultoria em Sistemas de Informação, L.da is a portuguese tech. company, aimed at helpping it's clients in the management of their systems and technological projects.

Deriving of it's regular work, TEKTIX possess today an important and diversified portfolio, attesting the quality of the performance achieved in all main areas of activity.

To succeed in our work, we bet, since the beginning in gathering a group of engeneries consulters and IT technicians with the knowledge and experience needed to assure professionalism and seriousness to our work. Initially based on the founders, our team has been growing, establishing partnerships and having nowadays a wide range of co-workers. Our logic of working obeys to a logic of competences, which means that our teams are gathered according to the specific needs of each project.

To assure the quality of our services we bet not only in the human resources but also in the technology. We invested in the implementation of our own infra structure that gives us liberty to work better. This investment gave us one of the most modern and reliable IT platform to develop and support all the projects of our clients.

The goals we set to achieve: in five years Tektix wants to reach a significant market share so that we can be in the top companies of our working area.

Our strategy is to, gradually, affirm ourselves in the Iberian market knowing that the Internet is a global market.

Our mission: building bridges into the future